How do people get so much detail?!?!

I have been looking through some of the forum galleries and works in progress and I am wondering: how do they get loads of detail in there meshes as well as the textures and backgrounds that they place in the scene?!?!

Please enlighten me as I am new to blender and am currently going through tutorials but I haven’t found anything to make one of these works of art. I don’t care how long the tutorial would be. I just want to learn how to be better!!!

Very first thing : sorry if you don’t understand my “french-glish”

First of all : you won’t find a tutorial for everything. Please contact me if you find a video called “How to make Fenrir the beast, piece after piece, part one of twenty”. Some people will make a tutorial where they re-create a render they made, but this is a tutorial : It is meant to teach notions, facts, properties about Blender.
Even this serie of tutorials is meant to teach you A WAY to create a forest. Yes the final render is beautiful, yes you can copy every steps, but if you think a tutorial is meant to teach you how to copy a render, you won’t be able to create something different.

There are tons of very good tutorials to make better shaders, better organic things, better hard surface modeling, better scene optimization, better lighting, better animation, etc, etc.
If you want to learn and, as result, to be better, you have to extract things tutorials teach you and use them as your own in your own projects. You just can’t simply copy something you saw in a tutorial and expect from it to work in every cases.

I understand your frustation, but making photorealistic renders, incredible renders, very fine render, average renders, basic renders… everything of that needs experience. You can’t burn steps.

Plus, even if you don’t care about the tutorial length, think these amazing scenes took dozens of hours to be realized by their own very experimented creators.

That is true, talent is also important.

Cgcookie, describes using the Game engine requiring talent and skill, sure does to get a great results.

Tutorials can help, but it ultimately must be the user who has quite a bit of a longterm experience with the knowledge gained.