How do ppl manage to create intricate refraction materials, despite the noise?

I really want to create something like this, where its ever so slightly translucent, and the light refraction is strongest on the inner corners (almost creating an outline), but the noise makes it hard for me to do much when every little setting gets noised up. I have a gaming comp, and am using the optix denoiser with passes set to albedo and normal. How do ppl manage?

When working with glass in Cycles, there are workarounds to make the shadows much less noisy. There is the new caustics system in Blender 3.2 that can help lights reach the shadows of glass objects (you would have to look up “blender 3.2 caustics tutorial”).

There is also the light path trick which can be used to replace the glass material with a simpler transparent bsdf when shadows are calculated: