How do renderer's like this work?

How does this
renderer work? Also, I am interested in how renderers work.

Have a read here and here.

wait- can virtual light work with blender?

Well, there’s an old (very old) Python script that allows exporting from Blender to VL, but it hasn’t been updated in over four years, as far as I know.

The script comes included with the Virtualight installation in case you want to give it a try, but it’ll most likely not work, as Blender’s Python API has changed quite a lot since then.

VLighTunnel should still work.

VLighTunnel? Never heard of that one before. That’ll probably work, but it seems it hasn’t been updated since November 2004, so I wouldn’t know.

<edit>From what I just read in this post, VLighTunnel works on Blender 2.31-2.36, with Python 2.23 and 2.3, so it might as well work with Blender 2.37a and 2.4, so, Coalth, give that script a try.

ok cool. I’ll try that. :smiley: