How do texturing a brick archways?

help with texturing brick arch. Making brick by brick in photoshop was a very bad idea; the process is not one of the fastest.
I apologize for my English, resources in my language did not give me an answer.

My attempt, which took more than an hour

You can use the trick as shown in this video (There is an uncut screen capture version in its description):

Also he doesn’t mention but when you extrude any part texture will stretch and you’ll need to manually unwrap and place UVs for those parts (to preserve the continuity of texture).
I made a quick test. You can check the blend file and examine:
plane_brick_uv.blend (663.5 KB)

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this option is not suitable. There is a finished brick texture that is used in the scene. it is from it that must be made. Thanks for the idea, forgot about this method. and again, sorry for my english