How do the backend of racers look like?

I started this in the morning but I coulnt finish it because I dont know how the backend should look like (I mean the rear end of the racer)

I say that you should round it off, but keep the top flat. Nice model so far, by the way.

do you mean like close the top part (like a closed convertible) and btw …

its not closed but I think it looks fine…
please comment :wink:

Unless you’re doing a shot from the rear, don’t worry about it. You shouldn’t bother modelling what you’re not going to be able to see.

I was thinking of doing an animation with it also… :expressionless: :smiley:

By all means then. Use google to your advantage.

NewtoBlenda is gonna seem like a crappy nickname once you’ve been here for a while you know, :stuck_out_tongue: .

:smiley: That wasnt the first time I have heard that… once I get used to Blender, I will probably change it to like … hmm…I don’t Know!!

Here’s a suggestion, change your name to “new-2-blenda-no-mo” the dashes are there so you can see… Or it could be “new-2-blendanomo”

well, … don’t know why I’m posting, but very nice job so far… hope you find a good nick!

New2BlendaNoMo … how about that

I worked on it alittle but still lacks… blah… like… futuristic thingies… Any suggestions?


im sorry to burst your bubble but that is over the 11 char name limit