how do they do this?

I saw this movie Sintel and this picture I got from Google[ATTACH=CONFIG]270114[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]270115[/ATTACH] images of sintel and another of Blender images.

I was wondering if anybody knows of any tutorials where they teach how they do this texture look? I’m not sure if its regular textures and the warm and cool lighting has an effect along with vibrant color changes in the nodes , or if these textures are made digital painting or Photoshop?

any info or links to tutorials would be much appreciated. I have Photoshop and learning now and I have played with materials in Blender render. I’m better in there than cycles even though I’m using crazy-bump for normal,displacement maps etc. so I know textures and lighting is what I need to focus on why practicing modeling. The wood pier is my image I’m trying to fix and learn.[ATTACH=CONFIG]270117[/ATTACH]

What’s the thing about the look that you want to replicate? Textures in General? There is a lot of compositing going on in these pics, maybe that’s what you mean?