How do u actually make the game ??

How do ya make the rules and abilities and ability to walk around like in Gta or KOTOR ???

:x Questions like this give me headaches.

You can’t do it directly, as the engine is too flexible to have basic stuff for this

Just look for some tutorials on the game engine, then you will know how to do this stuff.

gawd… get darkbasic! :stuck_out_tongue:

at least programming in a compiler makes some sence… blender with it’s fruity renderer and python hidden away in text scenes is freaky…

logic bricks? hah! I’d rather use… actually… I’ll shut up… can’t say nowt about the game engine as I havn’t tried it yet… but it does seem rather … plastic

I would immediatly learn python… heck I brought a python book when I got blender… the logic bricks seem to give fake physics and limited capablities…

long live blender…