How do u make a playable game when you are using multiple blender files

I am using some blender files instead of scenes and they are linked

how do I make them playable… how do I pack and unpacked them

What do you mean with “how do I pack and unpacked them”?

You can directly use .blend files

You have to include the blends with the executable.

oh yes I see… so must I saved them as game engine runtime?

oh yes I see… so must I saved them as game engine runtime?

i want to make it stand alone…

Do user preferences,

then do addons -> game engine export

then export menu in file, -> game engine,

if the .blend has linked libs

before you export do select all,

object-> make local-> then export

ok I will try this today…

thus this make it stand alone playable?

yes, also, you need to make sure you export into a empty directory, so you can grab all the files that come with the .exe

thanks for replying… empty directory as in an empty folder right?

yes, so you can distribute by zipping the folder,

does the above means that I have to open up each individual blender game files that I used and make it local?

You do not need “make local” simply deliver the linked files.

I make all local, so you don’t need to deliver multiple blends

just open your main blend that all are linked into and do select all,

the object drop down->make local

how do u make local?

The request was “make a playable game when you are using multiple blender files”. Putting everything into a single file does not sound like a solution as it denies the requirement. Especially as there is no need for this additional effort. Multiple blend files work very well.

You simply use the blenderplayer to start your entry blend file.


blenderplayer startMyGame.blend
blenderplayer path/to/game/startMyGame.blend

does this works for making it stand alone?

The standalone is the blenderplayer bundled with a single .blend file (which must be published under GPL if you choose this distribution path).

“yourStandalone” is equal to “blenderplayer myGame.blend”

All other files are supposed to be at the same location for both options.

I suggest following:

  • make all paths relative (yes in each file) + save the changed files
  • copy the complete game folder to a different location
  • open Blender
  • open the start.blend from the copied location
  • create the runtime into the stored location
  • pack the copied location (now including the runtime) into an archive (e.g. zip or rar) [alternative: use an installer]
  • deliver the packed archive

The user is supposed to unpack the archive and run the runtime