how do u make an object fall through a plane creating a flubber effect

hey people
i need some serious help im starting my major yr12 project and i want to have an object fall from the sky hitting the ground creating the ground to warp in to a blackhole without the suction effect and having the ground fling back like flubber so more or less bounce back to position with a bit of give on either side of the ground…i dont know if that makes any sense to people… but if it does plz help me!!:slight_smile:

I think you have to use Game Engine for real looking falling object. Record IPO and then copy that IPO in the animton. I have not done yet, But your Idea is interesting. I will try.

I tried a quick, and not very realistic sim of this. Basically, you have the game engine record physics for a falling object, and when the object passes the plane which it is supposed to hit, you apply an upward force, such that it decelerates and eventually goes back up. The plane must have verts in the shape of the outline of the object. Add a hook (empty) to this outline, and then for the render, parent the hook to the object for the frames in which the object should be touching the surface.

thanks dude that helps me out a shit load

ive only just started using the game engine so how do i go about using the game engine for an animation…like i kinda know my way around the GE but ive only done basic stuff

You’re welcome. To record actions in the game engine to IPOs, click Game > Record Game Physics to IPOs. Its at the top of the screen.

thanks dude that helps a lot i can proby go try a few things and see if i can do it hopefully i can

JO9 any chance you can explain the steps in creating the warp of the plane :eyebrowlift:

For the warp of the plane you will need to experiment with the wave modifier. That might help. Also try out an experimental cloth build off taht might help. You could try shape keys for making the hole and the wave modifier for ripples I guess. Fluid sim could give you some great ripples, but I am not sure how you could use that. Maybe you could use the retopo tool for an animation but Im not sure cause I haven’t played with it much. Hope this is some help but what you are trying to do sounds quite difficult.

This is not what I did, but I like Anthony’s idea. First create a filled-in outline of your character from top view. Those are the vertices that you will move, and so you want them to follow the shape of your object. Once you have the keyframes for the dropping and rising object recorded, go through and set the ground shape key for no stretch, and set another for full stretch. (just look at your cube in animation to see where this is). Then use ipos (hit I over the buttons window) to control the timing of the stretch, again looking at the object for reference. I’m sorry if this explaination is not sufficient, but I don’t have time to go into further detail now, and I just wanted to at least get you started in the right direction.