How do u make particles move?

Ok so i made like fire for like a jet engine…but when i move the emiters the particles stay in the same place, so how do i make them follow it?

does anyone have an answer?

Set the Life of the particales lower (2 or three frames) and the velocity (you’re probably using ‘Normal’ for velocity in the Particle Motion tab) higher, high enough to get the length of flame you want. You can use the Life value to get the length of flame but if that value is too high (say 15) the flame will still be burning at position of frame 1 when your emitter has moved to frame 15 already.


sweet thx! i think u may have solved my problem ill try later.

um k stupid question now…i can’t find out how to make my particles move now=’(:eek::confused::frowning:

Turn off “Static” in the Particles tab.


HA THANK YOU!!! You rock!!! lol