how do u save an animation as a video

i just made an animation from a tutorial of a chess piece. how do u save it so you could play it in something like Windows Media Player? i want to email it to some of my friends can someone help please…

This is how you could save it or rather save&render it.
1 F10
2 set sta: start framenumber end: end framenumber
3 under format change jpeg or what is there to avi codec
and select cinepak.
4 click ANIM

If you got it already rendered as still images then converting the sequence
with sequence editor would be an option though.

im still lost. do i have to save every frame seperate? of can i just save the whole project as an avi?

I’ll explain it further.

While in blender click f10 ( this is to get to the render menu if you are already not in it.)
then look for a box that says “anim”. on the very bottom you will see two boxs that say “sta” and “end” they are both input boxes for your beginig and ending scene frames. type in your first frame number in sa and your last in end.
then look to for “format” (by defualt it is on the left) and look for a drop box that says “JPEG” click on it and change it to AVI and then select your codec.
after that is finnished click the big button that says “ANIM” and wait.

how long does it usually take ? mine is like 100 frames

depends on your settings, if it takes a minute to render 1 image, it takes <frame#>x that time to make the animation. if you set to export to avi, it saves it as an avi in the directory you set it to.