how do u uv-map on both sides of a plane?

ok i want to make blades of grass useing planes sense i dont know how to make transparent images. so thats why i need to know how to put a texture on both sides of a plane.

It isn’t possible to create a double sided UV map for a plane. The only thing you can do to get around it is duplicate the mesh and move it just behind the plane.

You can’t texture both sides because of normals- a plane only has one normal on one side, and double sided normals are not possible. Blender is one of the few programs that chooses to render both sides of the normal. In another program, you would probably only be able to see one side in edit mode or a render.

Hope I helped

You can do UVMapping on both sides:

The blend I posted in that thread is no longer there but you won’t need it. Anyhow, to render your grass you will have to add a Material set to TexFace in the Material tab (which means you could then add the same texture as a Materials Texture, mapped to UV. If you now unclick TexFace it will use the Material Texture which will be on both sides without having to fiddle with the twoside thing).


uh… lol ok i belive the part about the one normal alden. ok well how do i duplicate it and put the same texture on the opposite side? like lets say you want to model a ladder with planes. would it just be better to like make a cube then uvmap it? casue your still geting the same amount of vertices. oh one more question. how do you find out how many polys you have? i never figured out that lol.