How do we add inbetweens between two keyframes in blender like in maya.

I want to be able to click on my timeline and add an inbetween frame to all keyed objects in blender. Something connected to a keyboard shortcut would be awesome. Does anybody know if this exists or if we can develop a script to do this.

In 2.56 beta: Set the Timeline on the frame where you want a new set of keys. In the F-curve Editor, reveal all channels of all objects where you want 'tween keys. Hover over the F-curve graph editor and hit I-Key. Choose the option that suits (insert key in all visible or just selected curves).

Haven’t tried this in the Dope Sheet yet but I think it’ll work there, too.

Is this what you mean? Not sure about keying sets, haven’t explored that yet.

I actually want to be able to quickly move my keyframes by adding and removing frames from between them on the timeline. I come from a traditional background and it seems easier to time out my motions when I can tap the keyframes around.

The Dope Sheet/Action Editor (and F-curve/Graph Editor, too, but with more complexity) is useful for such relocation of keys. There are selection tools & hotkeys that allow selecting all the keys on one frame (from among those visible), or for “lassoing” groups of keys. I don’t think you can use keytaps (like on the direction keys) for moving selections, but simple keystroke combinations that are consistent for most operations can often be used. For example, to move a key or set of selected keys in the Action Editor, just hit G-KEY (Blender’s nearly universal “Grab” hotkey), then type the number of frames you want to advance or retard the keys, using the numeric keypad, then Enter. Example: G-KEY, 5, Enter moves the selected keys forward in time by 5 frames. Negative values move the keys backward. After a little practice this become very fast routine. When editing F-curve values the same approach can be used but then you can also specify the axis: G-KEY, Y, 0.25, Enter moves a selection upwards 0.25 units in the Y axis (key value) of the Graph Editor. The X axis moves keys in time, of course.

@chipmasque, you don’t understand something. Method that you suggest is… not for animators at all!
I came froma Maya too, and after seeing most of all Blender’s advantages I was greatly disappointed: there is no “Add/remove inbetween”!!!
I am not programmer, but I think that theese operations are not too complex to implement.
@mcbridecasey, I hope we can wait some time while theese options will be availible to us - animators