How do You Achieve Good Results with Projection Painting (using textures)?

I’ve been trying out projection painting (with the brush being a texture) for texturing a basic terrain (small hills, some grass, some dirt…basic stuff), but I always end up with one of 2 problems:

-) when using the brush at a small radius or zoomed in for detail, the image is compressed into a garbled blur.

-) when using the brush at a larger scale, the detail is fine, but the texture patch completely destroys the scale of the terrain (a nice looking grass spot that occupies dozens of scale feet)-which of course would look like nonsense to a player moving over that terrain.

So either way, I can’t find the method to get decent detail in a correct scale. I’ve tried scaling the uvs, but the brush scales with them (so effectively nothing changes), and I’ve played with the radius size at different zoom levels, but that also seems to make no appreciable difference.

Some specs:
UV map size x1024
Texture size x512

-Any insight appreciated as to what the process is to sort this out.

You might want to have a bigger texture (UVmap texture, not the brush texture) size, at least for the painting process. A much larger texture map, like 2048x2048 pixels will probably allow for much “clearer” painting.

Once you’re done painting you can always save the image out, scale it down if you need to use it for something like a game.

Yeah, I’ve been trying that approach (break terrain down to chunks, apply larger uv map than normal, then texture bake it back down to the smaller res uv map). It is…better…but still very blurry without breaking up the mesh so much that the file sizes for terrain would get out of control (by mobile phone standards).

Got a little bit more control when I finally realized that if I just compare the brush radius to the "amount of uv squares inside it), I could figure out how clear the texture would end up being. Also, dropping the texture size down to 128 or 256 seems to help get more detail at smaller scales.

Still not great though…