How do you add a material to a pre-exsisting .blend?

I am sorry for the rather simple question. But I can’t figure it out. I’ve been working on this model, and just recently became aware of the MASSIVE repository of Materials and Textures available for use. I’ve downloaded a couple .blend’s and think I have found a few materials I would like to modify but I do not know how to open the newly downloaded .blend file with the new material and add that material to a previous .blend file.

Any help? I’ve been googling and have come up short handed.

File>Append or Link
Then find the .blend file you downloaded and click into it
Click materials then the material you want
then click load library button to load that material
then Materials (F5)
Then click the updown arrow next to the material name in links and pipline and select the material you just imported

In the blend you want to add the material to: Shift+F1 (Append and Link), browse to the blend containing the material you want to use, browse into the blend to materials, select material. This will then show up in your blend as an available material. Do the same for anything (materials, objects, meshes etc)


Thank you so much