how do you add an alpha channel

(blenderage) #1

ive been using gimp to try and add an alpha channel to a texture its got a black background with the design on top ive saced it as a TGA but it nothing changes between opaque and alpha when i add it as a texture in blender.

(rav_bhara) #2

Same with me, cant do alpha. Another prob i have is. I want to do an add (see through texture) but i have a massive sphere to do. Do i have to each individual poloygon or can i choose the whole lot

(Carl) #3

the tga needs to be 32 bits a pixel…that’s probably the problem I don’t really know how the gimp works… you guys DO know that you need to tell blender to use the alpha instead of the opaque values in the paint buttons and the drawmode! and you CAN select all the faces at once and then say copy drawMode

good luck


(wiseman303) #4

A black background is not the same as a transparent background. Try right clicking in the image and choosing layers->Add alpha channel.

Now when you use the eraser, it will leave a transparent area.

(Haunted-House) #5

Like the wiseman said, you need to use transparency not a black backround.

(gargola) #6

is this what you are looking for?

(pikilipita) #7

And is it possible not to render object behind the “hole” of your texture?
I just would like the sky to be seen by those holes .