How do you add background image to Render in 2.5 AKA backbuf

I have been searching for a way to add an image to my render, in 2.49 it was done in backbuf; in 2.5 I have not found a way to do this; adding an image to the view port background is not what I’m looking for.


As near as I can figure, B 2.5 uses the “slots” on the render window for this. When you render there is a “slot” box at the bottom which accomodates 8 images. The most recent render goes into whatever slot is selected, but then you can change this for the next render.

Pressing “J” (no idea why) flips back and forth between any slots that have previous renders in them so you can compare. But I may have misunderstood what you are asking.


Blender 2.5 does support the backbuff feature (though at the moment there does not seem to be a user interface entry for it. As a temporary measure you could set it in 2.49 save it in 2.49 and then load it into 2.5 and it will be brought into 2.5).

If you don’t want to have to mess with 2.49, you can use the compositor in 2.5 and alpha over the background you wish your rendered scene to have.

Attached is a blend file showing the setup for 2.5 that I use. It’s likely that when the backbuff option is added to the interface you can go back to use that, but till then the compositor seems to do just as well. Even if it is not as simple.


backbuff.blend (131 KB)

The solution in 2.53b:

Check Andy’s video, from 17:10