How do you add Shapekeys to the Timeline as Keyframes?

I’m trying to animate Shapekey instances but can’t seem to find a way to add them as Keyframes on the timeline. I’d like the object to have several deforms to choose from.

Right clicking the Shapekey name and pressing “I” while hovering on the name don’t seem to work (am using 2.7a).

Tried installing the addon “Animall,” still nothing happening.

I read that this can be done in the dopesheet, but I don’t see anything that seems to relate to Shapekey names there.

Thanks for any help!

Keyframe the actual shapekey value not the shapekey name

It’s a little more work but may make your life easier. You could rig the shape key to animate when a bone moves.

But if your lazy like me and you don’t feel like rigging on shape that may not be used again, like Richard said you have to put the keyframe on the value (that slider that goes between 1 and 0.

EDIT: You can access animated shapekeys in the dope sheet, on an object/armature buy clicking the drop down menu in the dope sheet edit window, click on the bottom button that says dope sheet, the option shows up as “shape key editor”.