How do you add textures to a game?

How do you add textures to a game? I have blender 2.46 and all the tutorials i have found are either for older versions OR dont actually tell you how. I know its probably a simple answer but I have searched for hours and cant find anything…Please help me.:spin:

you should have asked ithe simple questions sticky but…
you need a UV image editor window open and then i think you do image>open>find your image

you have to be in edit mode and press u while faces are selected to unwrap them and then put the textures on with the uv/image editor window

split your blender window in two, one side the 3d view, the other the UV image editor; then select your object and in 2.46, go to edit mode (tab) then while in edit mode go to the UV image window and open your image. in 2.45 or below, its F instead they consolidated some stuff… hope I helped

here’s a recent tut:

Thanks everyone for the support and help :slight_smile: