How do you add water to a vase?

I’ve tried allllll different types of tutorials to learn how to add a liquid in a vase or a glass or a mug. ITS IMPOSSIBLE!! ive treid making my vase the domain…and then i made a cylinder and make that the fluid…but thennnn what? i pressed alt+a…but that did nothing.anyone wanna give meh some help??

Did you want the water in the vase not moving?
Or pouring in?
If your trying to make it pour in, you have to have a seperate object for an “inflow”
try using a small sphere positioned inside the domain, the set the gravity to about -9 or something like that.

no im not making an animation…i just want to have it well i guess kinda flow into the vase so it fits nicely.

well… ill try what you said hope it works!

oh an when i bake my scene… my vase(domain) turns into liquid… not the sphere