How do you all keep yourself motivated?

I can’t motivate myself to work anymore. I feel like im doing it wrong. All my models turn out dull and never seem to improve. I’ve been doing this for 5 years and my quality is nowhere near production level. It’s pissing me off how I can’t seem to get that spark to make something like I had when I started. I can’t push myself to finish a model and when I do, Even when it gets praise I think it looks like shit. But. I. Don’t. Know. Why.
it’s killing me. I hate my work but not in a motivating way. it’s not particularly I think but I just can’t convince myself I made a satisfying model.

I often accidentally look ahead at all the work I do and get overwhelmed. I don’t know what to do.

call this a cry for attention but I need to write this somewhere so maybe I myself can identify the problem.
All it’s doing right now is echoing around in my brain and just getting louder and more overwhelming.

you can take a look at my art station to see if you can find out why my models suck.

TLDR ; I can’t improve and I don’t know what to do. I’m rotting inside because of how much I hate my own work.

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We’re expected to have all disciplines covered, low-poly and high-poly mesh, perfectly baked normalmap, PBR materials all high-res and uniquely detailed, and just when we get everything photorealistic then it’s like the whole world are looking for more abstract cartoonish content to appreciate. We never win. It’s not a realistic expectation but it’s what we’ll get from 99% of people.

We shouldn’t try to compare an untextured real-time mesh to a fully textured model with a million triangles. Compare what you’re doing fairly to the specs of what others have done. I think the hardest thing is to focus on a narrow set of skills, which is what we’re expected to do but it’s so easy to get burned-out. It’s also nice to have a broad range for the sake of a portfolio, which is the impression I get from looking at your stuff, but in reality we should really have focus on very distinct skills with specific styles and objects, more than ever.

So we’re always at risk of spreading ourselves too thin, from what others think and what we think of ourselves, and what keeps us interested in doing it. I guess it depends what you expect out of it, and only you can answer that.

As for motivation, personally, I get into a lot of behind-the-scenes making-of stuff, not just about games but also about film. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about CGI, it can be almost any artistic endeavour. That usually does it for me.


Discipline only needs perseverance, strength to resist the resistance, no motivation.
Relax and resist the hate. Change the topic.

Understand the force within an abstract which can easily become destructive for ones soul, body & mind. Know it’s an ego, the light barer, making an individual be aware & judge self, so learn to direct its force to serve your goal. Don’t let your spirit become a servant of egoistic frustration, but use its destructive force to build the stronger character.

Now you’re only exploring techniques & experiencing takes enormous amount of time… patience… ie. seeing is not only looking with the eyes, it is letting the mind wonder about, associate with memories, connect with feelings, emotions, tastes… emerging in another deeper experience within. Morphology of existence or…
How the book exists? :wink:

This war is within so don’t expect an outsider to fight it for you. As it will only prolong the suffering.

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dont lose hope ,and never give uo , or at least thats what justin bebar said ,
not that i am a fan or something

ill tell something out of my 7 years experience on blender and more 20 years on art ,

1- to answer you question how do we keep our selfs motivated?
nothing is impossible, especially with blender , if this was posted 5 or 6 years ago, i would say yes you need lots of courses and good 3d software to reach where others are , but not anymore ,cycle and eevee are free and almost has the same power of others 3d,

you just need to understand things and focuse on something that you knowfor sure that your bad at,

2- it,was never about the good models or the perfect imgs , it,s about how many works did you got into, and from where i see your doing just great, you have lost of stuffs with different styles and ideas which is great for creators, not copiers

look around most of the artist with good skills are just doing other peoples work, thy never even thought of doing ther own, which why in this case your doing great

3- dont hate what you did, because without it you’ve never be where you are now, even if it sucks, dont hate it, look at it and learn from it

its allays sais that lots of bad project is beather than one great, because it simply means your practising and working every day, unlike the one with the one project, he is probably great in skills but mostlikly lazy

your doing great , jus focuse on what you think your bad at, practising it self wont help if you dont know where are you bad at,

i was in your place once, and i figured out that, skills dont matter all the time, its the ida, and how will you represent it

hope this helps

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i feel you. im the same way. theres a bottleneck to anything i try to do.

plain and simple, not all of us are cut out to be great. acceptance is key. dont do things for others, dont do things to compete. do it for YOU. this is why i may never post what i create. its solely for my personal entertainment.

i follow the inception rule. never create a place you have been. trying to recreate Gods creation is an impossible task. you need lots of trickery to get photo realism.

i just looked at your page and think its great!

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Thanks all! I think this is exactly what i was looking for. I had no idea what i was expecting, but i just needed to get those thoughts out of my brain. These responses have shown some light on my problems. Thanks!

last i checked, motivation requires a motive.

maybe create a world and various characters and objects that exist in that world. maybe one day you could use them in a game or animated film.

give your creations meaning, a reason for being. its like giving a pet a name in the cliche “you named it!?”.

I’m working on a game right now. but the quality that I want to achieve just seems unobtainable and I wouldn’t know where to start to achieve it.

I don’t , losing motivation is something it happens to me a lot. Generally I get bored very easily.

A solution I have found, is learning to appreciate the small stuff and having low expectations, generally trying to keep things relative easy but not too easy.

This solution helps , but not all times.

This general means I break up big problems to much smaller easy ones. So I try to keep everything small, easy and fast.

What quality are you hoping to achieve? It looks like you have a nice page of game assets, so I can only guess you are looking enviously at high budget games…

I see other folks fet these cool simple artstyles in their game and i cant imagine where to start to making something so cool all my work seems to be like low poly flat shading to the nth degree

Start looking at specular maps and such, do some research. Actually do a lot. And if you are planning on making games also plan for another whack load of time learning an engine and coding of some sort.

Thankfully, im not in charge of the coding. Only the art.