How do you animate ambient light colors?

How do you animate ambient light color? I see IPOs for zenith and horizon, but I can’t see how to animate ambient light. I’m trying to have the scene shift from orange to blue.

I assume that when you say “Ambient light color” you mean “Ambient Occlusion Color”. If that so, in the Ambient Occlusion panel, choose “Sky Color” instead of “Plain”, then keyframe your orange color at the beginning, and keyframe your blue color at the end.

it’s a world IPO curve. press I with your mouse in the world material panel.

Bupla - I am not using ambient occlusion for this animation. I am referring to the ambient color in the world settings.
Papa Smurf - I am still lost. I have pushed the I Key in the World Settings - I see horizon and zenith, but I can’t see any ambient Key insertion. Can you verify or am I just not seeing it?

Looking through the World Ipo window, it does not look like overall Ambient can be animated at this point. I’m wondering why you chose to use Ambient, though. There are much nicer methods of getting an ambient cast to your images.

For example, use two Hemi lamps, one pointing straight down and one straight up. You set the top one for the “ambient” light coming from the sky and the bottom for the “ambient” light coming from the ground. It gives a much better effect. Also, you can animate those colors, as they are just normal lamps.

I may experiment with the lamps instead of ambient color. However, for now I still want to try the ambient light animation. Is it possible to animate ambient color using python? I’ve never used python, so I’m not familiar with its capabilities. If anyone knows the python commands necessary to animate ambient light color, please tell me! Thanks!