How do you animate an animated rig? Follow Path constraint makes my object go nuts

I have several rigged and animated objects. Each object is animated to do its own thing but some objects are made of more than on part. Everything is fine until I try to get these animated objects to follow a path. The follow path animation seems to multiply all the object animations.

It doesn’t matter if I apply the animation to the rig first or follow path first, then apply the animation… the moment I do both it all falls apart… or blows apart… literally…

Any way to stop this?
Animated objects made of a single mesh don’t seem to have a problem

You can make a second scene and place the curve in it. Then you can instance the collection of your vehicle (all your parts) into the new scene and get the instance to follow the curve. The instance will follow the curve and it should respect the animation of the “static” vehicle that you have in your original scene.
The instance is parented to an empty and treated as one object in the curves scene.

Great, thanks for the reply @DNorman , that worked perfectly.
Solved a few other annoyances too.
I need to go read upon scene and visibility management and how to use it properly in recent versions :smiley:

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