How do you animate material attributes in blender?

It’s a noob question, I know.

With the cursor in the material buttons, press IKEY. It is like animating an object, except it is the settings.

Thank you. I’m glad you took the time to answer such a stupid question. Hopefully they will finish the manual soon.

The question isn’t stupid, and this is what I like doing! I didn’t mind answering this question at all.

Ummm, it is done.
…and continually updated. This feature has been in all of the versions that have had published manuals.


I’m another question.
What means the “mode” key when i press I in the material buttons? I’ve tried to insert these keys, but the IPO curve has an strange behavior.

Anyone knows anything?

Add a Material and a Texture (clouds) to your default cube and goto F5, Shaders tab.

Open an IPO window and select “Mode” with LMB. Ctrl-LMB on the grid to add an IPO curve. at X=0 Y=1 then Ctrl-LMB another Keyframe at X=50 Y=1, so that your second keyframe is at frame 50.

Use the Arrow-Keys to move to Frame 60 and hit N in the IPO window. Tab into edit mode on the curve and select (yellow) the second kKeyFrame point. In the N-Panel, bottom-right corner, click the “Vertex Y” value on the right to increase the value to 2, then 3, then 4 etc and watch the purple buttons in the Shaders and Material tabs change as the value goes up, resetting the material Mode.



thank you very much… but is it a very strange behavior too