How do you animate material attributes in blender?

(Deus Siddis) #1

It’s a noob question, I know.

(Arr Matey!!) #2

With the cursor in the material buttons, press IKEY. It is like animating an object, except it is the settings.

(Deus Siddis) #3

Thank you. I’m glad you took the time to answer such a stupid question. Hopefully they will finish the manual soon.

(Arr Matey!!) #4

The question isn’t stupid, and this is what I like doing! I didn’t mind answering this question at all.

(blenderanim) #5

Ummm, it is done.
…and continually updated. This feature has been in all of the versions that have had published manuals.

(glaurung) #6


I’m another question.
What means the “mode” key when i press I in the material buttons? I’ve tried to insert these keys, but the IPO curve has an strange behavior.

Anyone knows anything?

(Fligh) #7

Add a Material and a Texture (clouds) to your default cube and goto F5, Shaders tab.

Open an IPO window and select “Mode” with LMB. Ctrl-LMB on the grid to add an IPO curve. at X=0 Y=1 then Ctrl-LMB another Keyframe at X=50 Y=1, so that your second keyframe is at frame 50.

Use the Arrow-Keys to move to Frame 60 and hit N in the IPO window. Tab into edit mode on the curve and select (yellow) the second kKeyFrame point. In the N-Panel, bottom-right corner, click the “Vertex Y” value on the right to increase the value to 2, then 3, then 4 etc and watch the purple buttons in the Shaders and Material tabs change as the value goes up, resetting the material Mode.


(glaurung) #8


thank you very much… but is it a very strange behavior too