how do you apend a rigged modle into blender and still be able to animate it?

i apend a model and armatures from anougther blend file yet when i move the armatures around in pose mode, nothing happens. do i have to re-rig everything?

You should still see the Armature modifier for the object…
then re-enter the name of the armature you want to use for it in the Ob: field.


Generally, when appending armed objects, just right click both the name of the object and the armature and append them into your blend at the same time. Blender will automatically keep them together with all actions, ipos, etc., and you won’t have to worry about this.

He probably appended one and then appended the other.

Yes, yes, of course. I was only offering additional information for future use. Meshes and their armatures are normally kept together in the same blend.:yes:

Sure is good information too.


thank you guys