How do you append objects?

Alright I’m at my wits end with an incredibly simple problem. I am trying to append an object, which I looked up and was told I needed to press shift + f1. Alright. Did that. Now I’m on the file explorer thing, and found the file I want to append an object from… and…

…Nothing I click does anything. I click on the file and it just. doesnt do anything. I cant close the menu either. I’m just stuck here unable to do anything. I dunno how to post pictures so I just posted a link to a screenshot of me on the file explorer screen unable to do anything.

Shift F1 is shortcut for 2.79.
In a 2.8 release, shift F1, just change editor in an area to a file browser to open files by drag and drop like in Video Editing workspace.

So, to append in a 2.8 release, you need to pass through File menu > Append or press F4, then, click on Append.

Ok, but how do I close this file explorer tab thing, then? theres no x button or anything.

You might change the editor to something else like “3D viewport”.

Ok, thankyou- have it figured out now. Thankyou both for the help.