how do you apply textures (without using the uv edtior)!?

hello…i’m just wondering if there is ANY other way to texture an object other than using that stupid uv editor! sorry for the language, but i’m tired of it!, it’s just too complicated! there is no way i should have to go through ALL of what i go through, JUST to texture an object!, this is INSANE!:mad: :confused: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: …okay, i think i’m calm now…anywho, there just HAS to be some other way…PLEASE HELP ME!

Option 1: procedural textures
Option 2: go to the mapping options of your image texture and select the other options like global, orco, object ect…
And also select between the flat, cube, cylinder, and sphere buttons.

Ok! ok. Keep breathing… Breathing is your friend…

Check out Bump Maps for Beginners. Shows you how to set up textures to use as bump maps, but once you know how to set up textures, you can do pretty much anything you want to with them.

Once you’ve got the basics, head on over to Colin Litster’s The Cog Project webpage and check out his tutorial section. Colin is the king of procedural textures. He wrote the book. Literally: BSoD/Introduction to Materials is Colin’s work.