How do you build the Blender source code?

How do you build the Blender source code?
I want to build the source code and hopefully step through the code.
I downloaded blinder-2.63.tar and I did not find a “readme” file.
I found this guide for compiling Blender:
Building Blender on Windows with MSVC (2003/10/11)
Compiling Blender 2.26 on Windows XP with MSVC 6 and Python 2.22
Help compiling under Windows using Cygwin
Compiling in Windows using free tools (mingw-gcc)
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The first link interests me since MSVC must mean “Microsoft Visual C” (right ?). But that is a broken link.
Now what?

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what about looking in official documentation? :wink:

and yes msvc is what you suggest…