How do you change blender's icons in 2.47?

How do you change the icons in blender 2.47?

if you are on windows,
create a folder in .blender called “icons” if one does not already exist.
in this folder you can place the icons.png or multiple icon sets.
In the top User Preferences pull down window,
choose Themes, then where it says 3d view, choose UI & Buttons.
then where it says Outline, choose Icon File & select your new icons.

any easier way lol

Hi there! I’m using 2.47 on Kubuntu 6.06. Installed Blender in my home dir, created the “icons” folder inside my “.blender” folder, but when I try to select the icon set, it won’t show up in the list, just the “built-in” option is available. Am I missing something or is it a bug or flaw in the linux version? THX!