How do you change colour in the cloud generator?

Hi - I have used the cloud generator to create some cloud volume… I have made a volume material and a green texture… but I just can not get the volume to change colour, it will always render looking “white”. I have adjusted all sorts of settings, but can not get it to turn green. It looks green in the materials and texture settings, but… forever white in the render…
How do I get Green smoke/clouds??

Does not just changing the Shading colour for the CloudMaterial not change the cloud rendered colour?
Attach you blend file.


You would think so, but it does not.
I can not seem to upload anything to this site - my blender file is too big, and I can not upload any photos to the forum for some reason. I want to make smoke like the one you have, but it does not seem to work in my scene.

I have other things in the scene: A house, ground, sky image and two lights.

If I delete the lights, the smoke turns black and very transparent and can only be seen when it is against the sky. Nothing is there where it crosses the ground. (does not render these parts)
If I keep the lights, you can see all the smoke, but it is white and not green.

I dunno why it doesn’t work. :frowning:

Strip out unneccessary parts of your blend
Make sure you select Compress File when you save your blend
Post your blend here