How do you change the color of a text object?

So I’ve always used a text image for scores, points, etc. . . made with fTblender. . .But, It’s no longer supported in UPBGE 2.78. So I’m learning to use text objects. I found a script that will fix the res. and change it to a few basic colors, red, green, black, yellow, etc. . . With the TGA image I could create a 32 x 32 TGA and color it, then add it to the Ariel.tga or whatever. You could even use a gradient or pattern. (altho it was a bit pixelated) How do I do that with a text object?

select text object, go to object properties (the cube tab) scroll down and change its object color.

for resolution, intern resolution at text panel does not work for me, only the python version works, text_object.resolution = 5

hmm gradient text object, no idea how to do that.

Resolution is 100 pixels per blender unit on the X axis - and cannot be changed through the UI (to my knowledge)
Color is through object color.

is the preview / render resolution not being used at all in bge then?
due to i thought that was meant for it, but it does not work indeed, like a ton of option that doesn’t work for text, like the alignment.

Color is through object color.
Hmmm, this isn’t working for me. I must be overlooking something. I’m using the text object for pickups, the number is changing when the player collects a pickup. Everything is working as it should, except the color. As soon as I press play I lose the color. I’ll post a blend later. If I use the Alt C and change it to a mesh, nothing works, except the color.

if you are using a material on it, then head to material settings, scroll down and select ‘use object color’, then go to the object tab, and change the color to whatever you like, that should work.

I wasn’t using a material, I didn’t think i had to. I will try that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

you dont need a material indeed, just changing the object color is enough, atleast it works here.

Got it. :slight_smile: Thanks Cotaks. I forgot to choose the color in the objects panel. I was trying to use the color in the materials panel. Thanks guys. Solved.


Anyway good to see it solved, you can add the solved prefix if you edit your first post in advanced editor.