How do you change the shininess of specularity?

I was watching a video from blender guru and he used, let’s say a “hack” to turn down the shininess of the specularity but in the latest version of blender it is not possible to do that. I was wondering if someone could help me

watching a video from blender guru

What video? Could you share a link?

There’s no need to use any hacks. Specularity is a basic material property and can be controlled just fine by using the program as intended. It’s hard to answer you without knowing which render engine you’re using though, or exactly what look you’re going for. Can’t tell you how to change your material settings if we don’t know what they are.

Andrew Price often makes things up as he goes along and ends up with hack solutions. Especially in his older videos. Just because it’s in a video you saw on the internet does not mean it’s the correct way to do things.

First thing is first - which renderer are we taking about (presumably its BI if you are referring to specular).

It may also be worth posting an imge of the result you have currently got - so we can visualise what you are trying to achieve.

here is the video at minute 25:28, and i don’t mean it’s wrong the problem is that in the latest version of blender it’s not possible to do it that way

an i forgot it’s cycles render

Mix the specularity map colour with black to adjust the mix factor ?
What is shown can be done just the same in the latest version of blender.

What can you not do ?

You can - all of the nodes Andrew is using are available in 2.71.

He did make one error in his voice over however - he said to use a mix shader to turn down the specularity (the part where he makes the lower box black and turns the factor down) - however the node he actually used was the RGBMix node (under the “Colour” nodes subsection)

OK so that’s specularity on glossy objects in cycles, but how do you affect the gloss on glass?

If you lower the IOR - the reflection also lowers.

Alternatively - make your own glass by mixing the refraction and glossy nodes with Fresnel in the fac slot - that way you can use the same trick as above to modify the reflection.