How do you clear ctrl+Z cache? Or renaming meshes is a PITA

I do a lot of copying objects, deleting old ones, (because I need vertex property and count and index and triangle precision, prototype work). How these things are named matters. However, I keep coming upon a frustration in that when I try to rename the mesh, it often will not let me rename it to an old mesh name, (farmerMesh) and instead add .002 (farmerMesh.002) etc. This is incredibly frustrating.

I know I can just restart Blender, TWICE, to get rid of unused materials and names, but then that means I have to remember to reset a lot of things (like export FBX settings), and this is not only a hassle, if I forget the things I need to do, it can cause massive headaches.

So, is there anyway to clear out all that nonsense? It would be nice for the copied 0 user material bloat that happens as well.

Try “Purge” button from Outliner set to “Orphan Data”:


It will remove data with zero users without restarting.