How do you clear rotation and keep the object where it is?

The title pretty much explains it. There is an object and I want it to stay exactly as it is, while getting the rotation values in the number dialog to all read zero.

Ctrl-A -> Apply size/rot



Clear means to reset the parameter to zero. The object will, no doubt, move/rotate/resize when you do this.

Apply is your godly decree that, from this moment forward, Blender shall consider this object … where it is, as it is … to be in its “0.0” position. The old definition of what “zero” meant is forgotten, and “zero” henceforth means “right here, as-is.”

Unfortunately, the word “apply” isn’t very descriptive. Yet I can’t really think of a better word to use instead…

Wow thanx guys, I never would have found that. “Apply” would have been the last thing I would have searched for. Now my animation can march on. Never forgotten, never fallen.

Be careful, though. If the object has children, then Apply Size/Rotation will apply the change only to the object, and not to its children. Any children that have inherited a change in size or rotation from the object will not have the change applied. If you want the change to be applied to the children, you have to clear the parents of the children, apply the change, then reparent the children. This seems like it ought to be considered a bug, but maybe there’s a reason for it to be this way.