How do you convert the world normal to tangential normal?

I want to convert the world normal to tangent normal at the node. Is there a way?

Is this what you want? Credit to someone else, possibly Secrop.

Thank you for your help. I think this is what I wanted, but I didn’t get the right result. Is this my fault?

I don’t see any mistakes in the node at immediate glance.
I have no idea what the object is, so hard to tell what you expect.
Try feeding in noise through reduced distance bump.
This isn’t a color, so you might want to not use any color management (set to none).
Here is what that looks like for me:

Can I see the node of the car?

It’s just the normal output of a bump node driven by noise.

Thank you very much! But this is still blue. There must be something wrong with me there

Share the file? I have no idea what I’m looking at here.

Probably not… have you try to bake that, and use it as a Tangent Normal map?
(Tangent normal maps are dependent of the UVLayout, so although colors may seem off, they might work correctly when used with the NormalMap node)

Thank you.I’ll try. :slight_smile:

OH. I know what it is. That’s not the tangent, that’s the UV map node. You need a Tangent node set to the UV map. Shift+A > Input > Tangent and there’s a dropdown to select UVMap in that node.

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Totally missed that small detail! :slight_smile:

Easy to miss! I thought it was so odd that it wasn’t working I actually had to open my node group and stare at it for a minute! I have a vector curves that clamps 0-1 instead of the mixRGB pair and a gamma at 2.2 in addition for sRGB output also (used to looking at normal maps in sRGB :wink:). I don’t think there’s mathematically much difference there, but you’d know better than I would.

I missed it too. And looking at the car, I might have done the same mistake :smiley:
I only tested if it had bumps from the generated normal map, not if it was accurate.
Still, if he shared the file it might have made it easier. Is it a sphere, circle, cone?

I’m sorry for taking so long to reply. I’d like to use it for any shape, but I’ll put that out of the way for now,because I can’t.(My reply may be strange, as English is not my first language)Thank you very much! :smile: