How do you create a charecter?

I was just wondering , how do you create a charecters? Do you make a circle for the head , then place two circles in there and thats it, or is there more to it. Please help (:(), because the other books don’t help, ( tried them all ) and the video tutorials take too long.

                                                             Please Help,

Sorry to disapoint you, but you can`t learn how to do it without pations and practise.
So check the tutorials and update your knowlege, and just try.
If you have specific questions, its more likely that you get a helpfull awnser.

Do that BSOD tutorial, sitting above your head in the tutorials section!

well, first draw out your character, then… use that as a background image, and do a decent wireframe following your drawing closely… then… make everything quards if you can :slight_smile:

-then rig… and you’re done

(actually you gotta animate or you might’ve as well just left the character as a drawing)

There’s more to it. Characters need a mouth, too.

It’s going to take some time, especially if you’ve not done 3d graphics before. The BSoD/Introduction to Character Animation will get you started. It’s not a video tutorial, so it’s dial up friendly, and you can work at it as you find the time. Welcome to BlenderArtists. :smiley:

Can you create extra vertices?

Oh, and thanks Orinoco!

Several ways. The most common is extrude: select some vertices, type e to extrude, (select region, edges or vertices only) then move the new vertices to where ever you want them. These new verts will be connected by edges or faces to the originally selected verts.

Select an edge or a face, and subdivide (type w, select subdivide) to get new vertices on the edge or face. This may create triangles in surrounding faces as it adds new verts.

Select some vertices and Shift d to duplicate them. Move them to where ever you want them, and connect them up using the make face tool (type f).

Thanks everyone.

first make pants. everyone allways starts with making pants. and by everyone i mean me. and by allways i mean once.

ha i can beat that for working oddly
the first human model i made i started with the big toe!.
but iv move up since then i now start with the thumb.:smiley:

try looking at the tutorials on montarge studios
as there is a great tut for making low poly models.

BionicGordon, HD render man, don’t you guys have anything better to do than hijack a newcomer’s thread? This is a support forum, not off topic chat. HD render man, your helpful advice might be a bit more helpful if it came with a link, except that Vivo’s already said he’s not interested in video tutorials.

You could try my free course for blender, flash based videos. Culminates in a simple caterpillar character, it has been well received by new users.