How do you create a clean plate in 2.77 and above?

I have the original “Track, Match, Blend” tutorial series and there is a video there on creating a clean plate for masking out a person using a combination of tracking and projection painting from a video.
(Track, Match, Blend - 16 Creating a Clean Plate
However, this is for Blender Internal on version 2.62 and though I’ve done a google search, I can’t seem to find anything for how you would go about this in 2.77 and above.
I did try to follow the tutorial using 2.77 but was not getting the same results as in the video and where the video seem to show the projection painting sticking to the ground plane and still matching up with the background footage, this just didn’t happen in 2.77

Has anybody successfully done this sort of thing in Blender versions of 2.7x and above?

Well, just in case anyone else is actually bothered, turns out, you cannot do the above in Cycles as the required steps with UV Project only currently work in the internal renderer.

For an UV project setup a pathtracer like cycles is a major overkill and counter-productive. What you need is a clean texture projection onto geometry, not additional noise or bounce light. Use BI to do the projections and when you have them done, use whatever render engine is fit for your actual renders.

So Far, due to the changes in how the whole process would work in 2.77 and above, I’m finding I have to do any such work in 2.62 then bring it in, for some reason, the footage just doesn’t sync in 2.77 Ahh well, at least it does work in 2.62 I suppose.

EDIT: Summat was wrong with the projection UVMap, once I reset the UV’s on the footage frame I wanted, I managed to paint the projected footage onto the main map for the object.

Hi I know this is an old thread but am looking for tutorials on the same thing in 2.79… anyone have a good link for the process of creating a motion tracked clean plate in Blender 2.79?

The Track Match Blend tutorial should actually work in 2.79. I did manage to get it working in 2.77 and the scenes load fine in 2.79, it’s a fiddly process, but it does work, though you need an understanding of the base principles. I heartily recommend watching the whole Track Match Blend series, it may be from an older version, but it is very much applicable.

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@colkai @kesonmis At least in 2.8 works. You just do the same steps until the step that it should show the footage in the plane. But to show you have to open the shader nodes and then link the image sequece (activate refresh) to the compositor node. Then you can render it on cycles or eevee

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