How do you create a small battle with BlenderPeople?

Hi I downloaded Blenderpeople 8.0 and read much of the manual. I got the actors marching towards each other and also got them to walk (move their feet). But I can’t get them to start hacking and slashing at each other. Anyone know how to do this?

ummm… that seems like a weird question… Just move their arms in the proper way so that they do the wanted action…

Lipton_lover i think u are unaware of what “blender people” is go here prepare to be amazed :smiley:

although blender people is impressive i have yet to see any one (except harkman) put it to any practical use. can some one reply with an animation or test using blender people. other than the ones on the site.
Hawk out:cool:

ok thx :slight_smile: that clears things up