How do you create material IDs in Blender so that they could be recognized in Marmoset Toolbag?

I’m learning about UDIMs and I’m planning to resort to Marmoset for baking, however I know it doesn’t support this workflow and I read that I have to assign a unique material to each UV tile. How does that work and can anyone share specific steps/tutorials on this subject matter?

To bake ID maps in Blender an easy way is to use Vertex Paint,
Here is a vid to show the basic idea…

But the process from Blender to Toolbag is just a pain…that is why you see several Blender to Toolbag Bridges on the Markets… Like Baker Bridge and Bakery etc and they are all in-expensive and an option if you will be doing this a lot…


The id maps go on the high polys, which aren’t unwrapped. The naming convention for the high poly materials is material name_id. Give them a solid, unique color.
Just unwrap the low polys as usual. Their material names should match the hi poly material names, with no suffix.
So you have:

                  object name_high
                  material name_id
                  material 2 name_id

                  object name_low
                  material name
                  material 2 name

Id maps in marmoset work well for separate meshes in a single object, but not so well for separate materials in a single mesh, if you can see where the materials meet. If that makes sense.

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Guys, thank you so much for the help! @RSEhlers I noticed in the tutorial that he has only 1 texture set in Painter. How can this vertex id mapping be applied with different texture sets in mind like in my case head+eyes, body+clothing etc?

All you have to do if I remember right is to assign material to the UDIM tiles … and any different UVs if multiple are used, to your low poly mesh, and enable Multiple Texture Sets in Toolbag any version over 3.6… I haven’t used the latest version much but it is under File Properties > Linked Materials in a new Texture Project…shown here in Toolbag 4.04


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That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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