how do you delete an object?

simple question: how do you delete an object?

or at least, how do you toggle off its visibility?

Well, you can hit X or Del if you want to delete it for good.

Or, you can place it on another layer

  • select object
  • hit M
  • hit any number key 1 - 9 (ones under function keys, not number keypad)

Or you can hide/unhide it

  • select object
  • hit H
  • Alt-H unhides the selected object (hint: A selects all/none)
  • Open outliner, toggle Eye icon (visibility) next to object’s name

sorry, I thought it was derived by context that what I meant was “how do you delete an object through scripting”. Do you unlink it from the scene? is that the best you can do?

that is the best you can do(unlink it), thats just the way blender works, it wont really be gone until the next time you open the blend file.

hmmm… so objects keep residing in memory? That can be kind of a problem if you create and (not really) destroy a lot of objects…