How do you delete textures from the uv editor?

Thanx for the material removal by the way :).

Your question is not specific enough for a complete answer as it depends on the texture useage, whether you are using it as a UV texture, whether you have packed it into your blend file, if is is used for more than one object etc. See the X to the right of the texture name (read the tooltip)

What I mean is I have an old character that had multiple textures. It has like 5 skin textures and another bunch of textures for the eyes. When I go into the uv/image editor there is an icon (that looks like a colored page and where render result usually pops up) that if pressed shows a bunch of textures. I have alot of textures there and I wanted to know how would I be able to remove it so my work flow is more efficient.
Thanks for the response.