How do you do a texture like this?

are they painting this or what? is there an easy way?

That is handpainted in photoshop, or something similar. After you unwrap your mesh, export the layout to photoshop, use the BlendIf function to remove the whitespace. Create a new layer above and start painting the base colors. Add more layers for the details. Try it, it’s not as hard as you think. If you’re not comfortable handpainting, you can also try cloning from photosources, but that may not be the look you’re going for.

search in the forum for entries about
uv unwrapping
and so on.
Next here some Links:

doing texture-painting in blender-2.5, the result is an image, that might be used in an external paint-program for more tuneing.
(there is a blend-file for download to start and play with)
next a view pages with links to tutorials about texturing:
and last…
one of the links out of this forum (like said, there are a lot more):

Can someone give me a tutorial on this “hand painting”? I use gimp anyway. How do you use the blender if to remove the white layer?

any help at all?

u can remove the white parts with photoshop aswell.

what i do is export the layout (in eps format, since its the only one PS can get…)
open the layout in PS with blending mode multiply, and then just start throwing pics as needed and adjusted =]

have fun working ur ass off on the most frustrating part of blendering :slight_smile: