How do you do it?

Hi, I am making my first small room but I have came across a problem. I haven’t put a cieling on my room and the outside light is spilling over the wall and showing the edge of the walls shadow in my room. I tried blocking the light by putting a ceiling onto the room but that make the whole room very dark. Heres a pic

well… one way would simply be to raise the top edges of the walls a little bit more… The other way would be to add some lighting inside the colsed room. In that case I’d suggest many lights with low energy to keep the smooth look.

You can cover the room with a ceiling and set the ambient occlusion mode to ADD, this should brighten up the scene a bit. If not, well, raise the energy level of AO to 3.

Actually, if you want to make a closed room, then make it really closed. I guess you want it to be realistic? Then try to approach it realistically.
That means you might want to use lights inside the room, too, and / or use AO (or even better, GI). Radiosity was especially made for such scenes as well.
Of course you can fake everything, maybe even with lighting coming from the outside but I personally like to think about how the real world works. And in the real world, rooms are really closed (most of the time, at least) :wink:

I have put on a roof with a lamp just below it in the center. I also added AO at 10 levels. The roof stopped the light coming in throught the top and the lamp now provides enough light for the interior. So problem solved. I am happy with the room so far. Heres the latest render you think the AO is a bit too dark though? Thanks for the help.

I think it is kind of weired that the shadow casted by the shelf is pointed upwards, as if the floor is luminescent.