How do you do this?

Im trying to make a professional wrestler in the game and the pro wrestler is the main character in the game. How do you make him to have a chain throw like King/Armor King from Tekken? Watch This

It would probably have something to do with developing a fighting system, with combos, and lot’s of python.

You will need to learn how to make armatures and animate the objects.

Then when you want an action to happen run the ipo for it, or the action for it (actuators).

This means you have to plan ahead, by knowing all the available actions that can happen or you will allow to happen at any given moment in the game.

Start with lists, then move on to the creation of each movement on the list, then add it in the game engine.

Along the way, you will get stuck, but come back here to ask for help. Be sure to always read all the threads in the resource board.

You may not think you need something, but read it anyway. Then when the need arises you will already have the answer, or at least know where to find it. Smile.

Yes I know how to animate objects. How do I do that?

Here’s an interesting idea:

Parent to bone is supposed to be fixed in Blender 2.45. Why don’t you make a real bullet physics chain using constraints, maybe 15 or 20 links long, then make one of the top links the child of the hand bone? The chain will follow every movement of the hand and look very realistic because the movements will be calculated based on physics, not pre-defined animations.

If you give each link the ability to inflict a certain amount of damage when it collides with the opponent, then you can have variable damage depending on how much contact the chain makes when it hits.

Also, if you do it this way, you will be the first person to do something so amazingly sweet with the BGE. :wink:

EDIT: Sorry… didnt’ watch the video first. You meant a combo move. I thought you meant a real chain.

I dont know anything about constraint yet.

well , younguser your question is advanced a little or <maybe a lot> …
well , … in this game in namco’s TEKKEN (which i used to play in PS2 and PSP )
they use advanced ways other than our blender here … <but it is still possible by the way>

make some moves and you can tell the engine to fade the movments (make them like if they were combo (or as the expression you used <chain> ,) using the blendin in the armature actuator …)
it’s recommended to set it to 5 IMHO so it becomes more realistic < without cracking and jittering <this means moving instantly , which is not accepted> and then you tell the engine how to make those animations by sequence then you can achieve the something very similar .

good luck

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