How do you export models with their materials and textures

I have been trying to export a model from Blender. I will export it and then import that file to see if the materials and textures are applied but they aren’t. How do you make it so that the materials and textures export with the model?

Export for what? Most 3D packages use their own fileformats, renderers/materials a.s.o… FBX is one of the bigger, general formats for models including materials/textures but I think the support for that in Blender is pretty limited…

I was planning on exporting it as a obj. does that format support exporting materials and textures?

I was planning on uploading it to Turbo Squid so I would like something that would work well on there

The obj format will export the objects diffuse colour and uv mapped textures including normal maps.

Thanks for the link, I will try that out later and see if it works

everytime I try exporting as a obj. it will create a mtl. file but when I open it up none of the textures are there. Materials have been created but they are not the proper colors or anything.

I am having excellent results with COLLADA (.dae) export and importing whole scenes (or single objects) into VUE.

ok, I will try that. But what is VUE?

I tried that and it still wouldn’t work, and none of the stuff was linked together like it should have been. It had the diffuse color from the material but not the texture. Is there a setting that I have to put that texturesa on to export? I have tried everything I can think of and it will still not export with the textures, some times it won’t even export all of the model

Check the export settings and the texture path in the mtl file. If that still doesn’t work, jus apply the texture manually in your target application. The object will still have UVs so should be a simple thing to just add the texture

VUE is a landscape - creation application. It is produced by e-on software.

how do you check these settings?