How do you Extract the Daily Checkout .bz2?

Okay, I am a complete noob at this, but I decided to try to compile Blender (the “easy” way, with SCons ;)). I downloaded the daily checkout and it is a .bz2. When I try to extract it, I just get one 358 mb file with no extension (ie FILE) :spin:. I am using 7zip to do this. Can anyone tell me how to extract it, or have an alternative to this? Any help is greatly appreciated :yes:.

first off, if you got your check out from here: then the “daily checkout” hasn’t been updated since July 16th, so if at all possible, you should use SVN (if you didn’t get it from there, then please let me know where you did). Now getting to your problem, instead of extracting the bz2 with 7zip, open it in the 7zip file manager, then extract the ‘Content’ file (your blank file) instead

I was not aware about how outdated it was :). Thanks for the advice on extracting, I think I got it.