How do you fake fur?

I dont want to use particles, but i want to use a flat texture and bump map it, sort of like this below(couldnt find anything better lol). Does anybody know how to do this?

if you have a good computer you can duplicate your mesh, sculpt in the hair, then bake the normals onto the original. ( indicate if further info is required ). if you don’t have a good computer you can use texture paint to paint in a bump map.

ok so after u sculp the fur into the high poly, how do i bake it back onto the lowpoly?

first of all they have to be in the same space, roughly, in the 3D window. second of all you have to have a ( blank ) image assigned to your UV coords. then select the high poly one, and shft-select the low poly one. then you just go to the baking buttons in the render panel, choose ‘normals’ and ‘tangeant’, and hit ‘bake’. you’ll see the new image appear in the UV editor, where your UV coords are.