How do you find the owner of a script? waterish-packed-blend.blend.

I have a demo blend called waterish-packed-blend.blend.

Its an example of shadows, a pond, a cube falls into it.

I like the way its animated and thats from the script.

I cant remember where I got this blend, and there isnt any text from the auther…

controller = gamelogic.getCurrentController()
owner = controller.getOwner()

There you go!



How else, just use python :slight_smile:

Don’t know the owner but I would like to see that .blend file.
Any chance of uploading it?

lol…thats funny…I will upload it later today…

but is it possible to get the OB (object) owner? coz just getOwner() returns only the GameObject fonction and not the object itself…

aut = gameLogic.getAuthor()

lol .

Know that I did not make this blend…

what? wait that commend doesnt exist lol:p