How do you get a alpha texture to map to a particle system?

Well the title pretty much says it but just to be clear, I am trying to use a cloud texture as an alpha map for a particle system. Thing is it won’t do it, if I set to add or mix the color part works as expected but the alpha stays the same.

I tried it with and without halos and still get the same result.

I can only seem to change the alpha in the material panel but the texture doesn’t seem to affect it at all.

make sure you didnt forget to enable halo tex in the shader tab.

Yeah I made sure, maybe I was expecting it to ADD to the alpha since that’s the texture blending mode I had it on but it seems like the alpha just replaces it no matter what. And the alpha value in the material panel just changes the intensity. Still it’s hard to tell what’s going on, I’ll have to do some test renders.

Since we’re on the subject is there a more in depth guide on halos around? They don’t seem to work with more then one texture channel and don’t seem to cast shadows (on each other).

Trying to build a could with particles, maybe it’s the particles and not the halos but I’m not proficient with either yet.