How do you get a faster FPS?

Are there any methods to increace the FPS in game blender without having to turn off the overhead or going threw the windows task manager?

Use smaller textures, sizes of powers of 2, like 128, 256, dont go higher then 512. Use less CPU intensive processes, like CPU sucking scripts that run every logic tic, you can turn down the Logic Tic Rate in python, along with the physics tic rate. Use less polygons, there should be no more then 15 000 quadular polygons on screen at once, and try to optimize your scripts, and optimize your logic bricks. Remove polygons where you can. Its all about optimization.

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Yeah do what Chaser says and also textures work faster than materials I think.

Be careful about armatures. Some people were just trying to tell me about that. So make sure that you BAKE your animations and then remove all contraints that may be on your armatures (only remove them when you are finished animating though - so this would be one of your final steps with any given character or object).

Be careful with those armatures as well as the physics.

I get good performance out of using DLoc as opposed to LinV. Some other things too you’ll realise as you continue to learn.

also, having faces set to alpha or add seems to really reduce frame rate (several faces dropped me almost 20 fps)

All that, and you just have to be a cooler person, too. the BGE really likes cool people.

I just tested out the texture vs materials thing and I’ve found that at least on my system materials really don’t slow it down other than superficially.

For instance. I tested a scene with materials only and it ‘idled’ at 40 fps
Tested same scene with textures and no materials, and it ‘idled’ at 60fps.

Then I started interacting with the materials only scene and it dropped down to no lower than 39fps

Interaction on the Texture only version got me the exact same thing 39 fps.

Apparently materials aren’t always making much of a difference at all other than when the engine is ‘idling’.

except materials dont work on older systems(like mine)

Also, if you combine some textures into one file, say you have four 256 textures, combine em into a 512. Speeds up python loading scripts because theres only one file to load, not four.